Member list

Nothing beats the thrill of belonging – of being a member – and the more exclusive the club the more thrilling the process of joining!

Historically, one of the most exclusive types of membership is belonging to a casino. Most casinos have strict membership requirements. This ensures that their customer base is exactly the sort that other members would want to consort with. This does not mean that membership is always paid – it frequently is not! Instead, prospective members are given a look over to make sure they are the “right stuff.”

In the online world, the exclusivity of casino membership continues. Dress code, manners, and similar issues that bricks and mortar casinos are concerned about tend to be less of an issue, but online casinos still run checks to make sure they are dealing with someone on the square who is not trying to run some sort of scheme to nefariously rack up some huge wins. As far as we know, there are no online casinos that charge for membership, but the signup process can take time – especially for casinos operating in more regulated countries that have strict controls to prohibit money laundering.

These regulations, known as KYC or “know your customer”, can be a real annoyance to legitimate players. Who wants to produce a utility bill when you are just keen to play a game of blackjack at two a.m. while eating ice cream in pyjamas? For this reason, casinos that specialize in crypto currencies are growing in popularity. Because there are fewer government controls for cryptos (and normally none at all), players can sign up with much more anonymity than they can do at a normal casino. Often the motivation for anonymous membership is not a desire to break any rules, but just to get on with things. Bitcoin deposits can take just a few minutes, and afterwards both the player and the casino can be 100% sure the account has the money it is supposed to.

For this reason, the growing popularity of casinos that accept Bitcoin and other crytpo currencies is growing quickly! Membership is quick, easy, and free!